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NO CRIME IN SIN is a story about confronting a traumatic past and reclaiming the future. Kristy and Kathy Johnson were sexually abused by their father over the course of decades. Because the Johnsons were active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church), clergy knew about this recurring abuse, did nothing to stop it, and ended up putting countless other children at risk as a result.


Since the late 1980s, Kristy Johnson and her siblings have been plagued by unanswered questions about why their father never served time in prison and why the Mormon Church never intervened to help them. So in 2016, Kristy and Kathy were joined by their brother Kim on a road trip to confront their father. What followed was a cathartic encounter between two survivors and the man who abused them—an unraveling of past mysteries in a last-ditch effort for justice. This film reflects the turmoil imposed on the lives of these siblings by the selfish, criminal acts of their father, and their emotional, lifelong search for hope with a broken compass. 




Production Company

Vavani Productions develops and produces ethos-driven films and television that move the conversation forward. Our documentaries and narratives compel audiences to confront some of the deepest issues of our time while spotlighting authentic stories and their tellers, steeped in lived experience. We partner with diverse creators, producers, financiers, and distributors to make moments matter.

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